Most students majoring in CSE want to prepare themselves for careers as computer professionals. A bachelor’s degree in CSE qualifies one for a diverse variety of interesting positions. Some CS graduates join design teams on large systems projects. Others work alone in petition programming or technical writing. Some work in computer graphics and animation. Others take positions that are only partly technical, in computer marketing and sales. Some work for Fortune 500 companies, some work for small Silicon Valley start-ups, and still others prefer to be self employed. Computers have become indispensable tool within every activity of human life, including industry, business, travel, commerce and home entertainment. CSE is the Systematic study of Algorithms that create, describe and transform the information. It provides the student with an understanding of mechanisms and computational solutions to problems in the physical world. The CSE Department endeavors to be an important resource center for the development of computing and IT systems and its applications. The CSE department is witnessing a period of exciting growth and opportunity. The CSE department in TEC boasts a vibrant student body and a stellar faculty of Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors of about 24.The Department faculty members motivate the student to qualify for the outstanding and rewarding paths. The department prepares the students for professional employment and progressive careers. It also contributes the fundamental knowledge needed for long – term professional growth and active life-term learning of new developments in the field.