Trichy Engineering College

Augmented with a modern computer center, the department offers the best and updated practical training. It is well equipped with 6 diversified laboratories including a dedicated laboratory for the Post-Graduate students installed with a variety of software catering to the needs of the students and covering the curriculum specified by the affiliated University, Anna University. All the computers in the campus, including those in the hostels and department are connected by means of a network so that the students from the hostel and the staff and students from different departments can have direct access to the facilities in the Computer labs round the clock. This college is one of the first to provide such a campus-wide network facility. The Computer Center has licensed packages to facilitate work in UBUNTU & WINDOWS. Also, it has the commonly required latest licensed versions of ORACLE, VISUAL STUDIO AND MS OFFICE. All the computer labs are fully air conditioned with adequate centralized UPS backup. The laboratories include

Object Oriented Programming Lab
The major motivating factor in the invention of Object Oriented approach is to remove difficulties encountered in the procedural approach. It ties data more closely to the functions that operate on it and protects it from modification of outside function. Functions of one object can be accessed by the functions of other object. Windows platform is used to implement static members and methods, friend function, operator overloading, dynamic memory allocation, copy constructor, assignment operator overloading, destructor, linked list, sorting techniques, exception handling and prim’s algorithm using C++.

Data Structures Lab
For Data Structure lab students developed codes in C language and Turbo C software in Windows operating systems. Students implemented the theory concepts of Data Structure such as Linked list, Stack, Queue, Trees, Sorting in lab as Programming codes .These concepts helps the students to develop many projects.

Operating Systems Lab
Operating Systems are an essential part of any computer system. Similarly, a course on Operating Systems is an essential part of any computer science education. This field is undergoing change at a breathtakingly rapid rate, as computer are now prevalent in virtually every application, from games for children through the most sophisticated planning tools for governments and multinational firms. UNIX platform was used to implement system calls, I/O system calls, UNIX commands, process scheduling, inter process communication, semaphore, memory management and file allocation using high level language C.

Networks Lab
Network Lab uses NS2 simulator and Telnet(C Program). Telnet enables each user to easily type programs and which are saved at the server side. Networking concepts and protocols are implemented in telnet program. It is used for studying data transmission along with data rates, collision, congestion etc. Simulation software like NS2 is used. It enables us to build a network that enables us to view data transmissions and efficiency.

Internet Programming Lab
Internet Programming Lab enables students to design web pages using HTML elements and Cascading Style sheets. This describes the presentation semantics of a document written in a markup language. Helps students to know more about JavaScript programming because in most of web browsers Java script programs are used to interact with documents contained with it.

Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab
The main purpose of OOAD Lab is to divide a large project in to small modules and representing then using various diagrams. The diagram can be generated by using UML (Unified Modeling Language). It includes various diagrams like Use-case diagram, Activity etc. UML is a visual language for specifying, constructing and documenting the artifact of a system. The applications such as ATM system, E-Book system, Library Management System have been represented using UML diagrams. For diagrammatic representation, rational rose enterprise edition software is used. For implementation, Visual Basic is used.

Java Lab
Java Lab enables students to get familiar with Java and OOPs Concept. In this lab inheritance and polymorphism concepts are used to create new classes that are built on existing classes. Interfaces and packages are used for Graphical programming to design forms. Multithreading concepts are used for improving processor performance by executing more threads simultaneously.

We have a Research lab with 16 HP PC with Core i5 processor, having 3.3 GigaHertz x4 Speed, 1 TB HDD storage capacity and RAM of 8GB and printers. VMware player also provides virtual environment to this lab. This Lab and softwares are utilized by the PG students, Research Scholars and Faculty for their Research Activities.This lab is equipped with Windows 8 & Ubuntu Operating systems as Dual OS, Turbo C/ C++ , Java, MS Office, Visual studio , Android Studio and various other Research oriented Software Packages.