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Breitbart Texas confirmed that at least 20 died during the three days of shootouts that followed. lucky guy didnt eat your heart like in the other video, Your email address will not be published. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. First had shirt torn, 2nd guy's shirt was not torn, 2 different people. A decir de las imgenes que circulan enredes sociales, el sujeto estaba pasando por tal agona que suplicaba que le quitaran la vida, pero los sicarios seguan grabndolo. Cartel In this category are the videos related to the cartel. took place this weekend. units but little in the way of literal intervention. This episode provides an introduction to El Chapo's son and most formidable prodigy; Ivan Archivaldo Guzmn Salazar, alias El Chapito (Little Chapo). social media reports put the count as much higher. [deleted] 11 yr. ago. The gory act of torture took place over the weekend near the town of Tepalcatepec, Michoacn where the CJNG is fighting against factions of Los Viagras and La Familia, known as Carteles Unidos. In this Episode we delve into the Narco Unrests that you might have heard about in August 2022. Chivis, where would this rank in terms of brutality in your view? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A top criminal closely associated with the Knights Templar Cartel & La Familia Michoacna. This is Narco 1O1 Episode 7. Por pinchi mamon, next time chose another nickname like Betty La Fea. If he a leader of a cartel why he didn't have a army of bodyguards? His crew is probably joining cjng. Does anyone have a link or something? Any word on chaps son getting killed in a car bomb by el russo. The charred skeleton of an SUV; a windshield pierced with bullet holes; a blood-stained car seat harrowing new images from northern Mexico where nine Americans were slaughtered by cartel gunmen. when violence experienced a massive increase with the autodefensa movement and Caballeros Templarios clashing, the federal government once again is mostly ignoring the Second guy's shurt was not torn but was dirty from the ground and leaves. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Si we, el no sabe de que habla, pero tu como yo, si sabemos. Designed and Developed by Xgore, @2022 - All Right Reserved. I bet THAT'S what happened, man these guys ARE nuts.. He picked the entirely wrong name. This cartel is growing fast will impunity, other cartels should Ally to get rid of the cartel. CJNG and CU are in an ongoing those videos bother me yet I still keep finding them. Or the First Command of the Capital. When state authorities do acknowledge the fighting, they undercount or simply do not report the number of deaths. Videos in reference to this episode: Narco 1O1: Knights Templar Cartel. and our First guy had shirt all torn apart. Episode 1. abducted a leader of Carteles Unidos, tortured Los Zetas Vs Los Zetas - Punishment Of Traitors. Hay que cuidarnos nomas y no meternos en pedos. How do you know this information? Video: In these shocking shots, a living person is cut out a heart. More , Contact information, methods of communication with the site administration. If I was a member or cell leader. savag3 studios??? 4:04pm Slaughtering innocents is the lesser evil of the two? You Might Be Interested In. Not much has changed except the technology we use, You really are more than fucking right, this peace of shit likes to see childporn for 100 %, this piece of shit. What did ghost Rider look like before the torture. One of Mexico's most violent organizations claimed credit for the gory crime scene, saying the victims were rapists and kidnappers-alleging the murders were part of a "cleanup." Y la neta son mamadas lo que hacen los pinchis sicarios. The sounds from this video were messed up. when you hear automatic gunfire.. some people run for their lifeMaybe that's the reason?? Donate - https://www.paypal.. Sinaloa Cartel: Operations, Timelines & Activities (Part 1), Sinaloa Cartel: Formation & Early History. and our The man was poured alcohol on his head and set on fire. After the clashes, gunmen from CJNG captured a leader with Carteles Unidos who went by the nickname Ghost Rider. Viagras, to fight against CJNG in Michoacn. Ahhh its never a damn woman. He got it for a good reason. Registrate y recibe nuestros artculos en tu email Gratis! A Case Actually Too Gruesome To Mention - The Ghost Rider Video Disturban 573K subscribers Subscribe 1.9M views 1 year ago Unit 731 - Japans. @SAM Im sure you wouldnt want to be in her place because you would have shouted better. (Viagras) who gave him the moniker. Carne is meat asada is roast. Definitely looks like the work of the Payasos and their trademark "payasadas", where they brutally mutilate and torture their rivals/victims for sheer enjoyment. alcohol and set afire. I have been wanting to see the el ghost rider (the one where his face gets burned)video for a long time but I can find it nowhere. abducted a leader of Carteles Unidos. Castration By Pitbulls - La Familia Michoacana, Vladimir Komarov - The Man Who Fell From Space, The Chilling Case Of Alejandra Ic Chub - Ms PacMan, CJNG Vs La Familia Michoacana (LFM) - El Vago, The Dagestan Massacre (The Tukhchar massacre - September 5, 1999), Morocco Backpacker Murders - The Tragic Case of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and Maren Ueland, Human Slaughterhouse - The Eid Al-Adha Massacre, Sledgehammer Torture - The Sadistic Murder Videos By The Wagner Group, Torture & Cannibalism In Venezuela Prison | Auto-Cannibalism, Another Video The Funky Town Gore Guys - Sadistic Decapitation & Dismemberment, CJNG Sends a Brutal Message to Los Viagras - The Infamous Cartel Dismemberment Video, The Brutal Execution of Four Gulf Cartel Female Members By Los Zetas, The Ghost Rider Video - CJNG Cartel Punishment, The Chainsaw Cartel Murder - The Chilling Case of Barnabas Gamez Castro & Felix Gamez Garcia, The chilling Case of Leocer Jose Lugo Maiz (19) - Gore In Venezuela, CJNG Dismember Screaming Female Los Zetas Member Alive - Cartel Wars, The Guerrero Flaying - Execution of A Father & Son. The image below is blurred but remains graphic and video of course is, #CJNG tortures his rival the "Ghost Rider"; They burn his face to look like the one in the movie 1/2 Ill wait. and wait.. and wait. beheading Dona Chivis who from CU stole el Senor Menchos coke? beheaded Probably Mexico. Nothing still out,what a move if true by Russo,was Ovidio in charge of takin it to russo,thought Ivan was the heavy an plaza boss of culiacan ? when violence experienced a massive increase with the autodefensa movement and Caballeros Grab an Item from the merch store. Gunmen from a narco-terrorist cartel burned off the face of a rival and recorded the mans agony as he begged for death. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Only here on the Deep Gore Tube website! This case involves extreme sadism and depravity. The karma that comes back to you is justice in its own way. *** Help keep the lights on around here. Burning members of other cartels is how he got the nickname "Ghost Rider." The video was allegedly recorded following three days of gun battles in the nearby town of El Aguaje. A deep dive into the life of Miguel Trevio Morales (Z40) as leader of one of the most bloodthirsty Narco Organizations in History. hi, South American here, this video is from Mexico, AKA North America. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Id say this is right up near the top with the kid who had his heart cut out and the kid who had dynamite taped to him. More , About DEADHOUSE project, answers to frequently asked questions. execution Video donde sicarios del Mencho le quemaron rostro a el Ghost Rider de los Carteles Unidos, Colabora con el Blog del Narco Enva fotos, vdeos, notas, enlaces o informacin de tu localidad y ser publicada de manera annima, Un sobrino de Pablo Escobar encontr 18 millones de dlares en un escondite que dejo el capo, El vdeo mas aterrador donde desmiembran a un ex miembro de los Zetas Por traicionero, Lista de vdeos de ejecuciones, Interrogatorios y Balaceras, El vdeo mas fuerte donde los Viagras le sacan el corazn a El Siri de el Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacin, El aterrador VIDEO donde sicario del Mencho se come el corazn de una vctima, Vdeo en donde decapitan con una Motosierra a dos sicarios del Chapo Guzmn, Vdeo fuerte en donde los Zetas decapitan y desmiembran a 4 mujeres del Cartel Del Golfo, Video fuerte donde sicarios CSRL del Marro interrogan y luego ejecutan a miembro del CJNG, Blog del Narco oficial | Narcotrfico | the last one that bothered me was this girl it wasn't the killing but her screams they were haunting.the one guy bieng desmembered alive they cutt his arms and legs that was really cruel. CJNG burns rivals face alive as a way of mocking his nickname Ghost Rider. Posted: 10/28/2020 11:16:52 PM EDT How do you know? The guy they killed would do that to people he captured which is why he was nicked named ghost rider. 9:52 at one point mencho is gonna pay GN double what GU are paying them and or they are gonna get sent to another place in mexico and CU are gonna really get the full power of CJNG, its clear as water that the only ones stoping cjng expantion is the GN. Wow, youre a dickhead, if you hadnt said that, the sequel would have come. Sounds like a plan, let them kill each other and simply shoot the last man standing. decapitated Animo compadres!This is a gruesome image, no one can deny. This is Narco Personalities Episode 8. The narrator gets things so badly wrong. bestgore violence. Lieutenant of Abuelo Farias. Como te hemos dado a conocer, elCJNGyCrtelesUnidoshan estado luchando por el control de la produccin de drogas y las rutas de trnsito desde la costa delPacficohacia el centro y norte de Mxico y, finalmente, la frontera conEstadosUnidos. Designed and Developed by, Haitian woman being butchered with machete. Just as in 2013 Thank you for the support!#CartelHell For the life of me I cant figure out why people listen to that numbskull. En el municipio de Tepalcatepec, en el estado de Michoacan y como burla a su sobre nombre le queman la cara. The Brutal Execution of El Siri - Los Viagras Vs CJNG. Archived post. Recovering dead body from river of a brazilian man who had his stomach slashed. ***, Knights Templar Cartel. Cheerleaders from all sides usually dont see this side of the business and cheer over the fake Gucci uploads on Instagram. The fighting has occurred on and off for several weeks without any real action from Mexico City or state authorities. Worst Video on the internet. Its 2 people that got their face torched. You can greatly support my channel by using this link to access Amazon! I want to hear a woman not a guy. Thats probably one of the worse ones. They dont need a, Bruh you cant act like fucking AmErIcA hasnt done anything dumb. Doc Mireles has been buddy-buddy with Abuelo Farias for many years (both are prominent men in the same area in Michoacn); Abuelo even appears in the scene in Cartel Land where the Tepecaltepec and Los Reyes autodefensas were organized. Dont lose hope in humanity. Directly translated it is "smells like meat roasting". The feds have sent peacekeeping We delve into The Red Command and an an example of how brutal they can be. Y mansiones de lujo en donde segn se cuenta viven muchas personas que han hecho su fortuna de manera ilegal, en pocas palabras es un paraso para narcotraficantes y sus familias. Those people doing that to him are now just like him when he used to do it to others. Videos are usually executions recorded on videos that have gone viral on the world wide web or on social media. The Ghost Rider Video - CJNG Cartel Punishment. Large groups of gunmen using high-powered weapons including .50 caliber rifles, explosives, and armored vehicles take part in the regular clashes that often result in dozens of casualties. Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) & El Mencho - Narco 1O1. This is Brazil's Largest and most successful criminal organization. feet In this episode, we explore the life of the elusive Sinaloa Cartel leader; Ismael Mario Zambada Garca, alias El Mayo. What an idiot he is for putting his personal stuff on fb, The Rooster(El Mencho) has come home to roost. CJNG wishes to live in peace, including with the good people of Michoacn, but we will not tolerate the evil barbarians who threaten our business and send innocent children to kill our brothers. Reports say the When it was not possible to cut out the heart, the executioners simply began to skin the still living person. Also, as in 2013, news of the Watch Episode on YouTube: @10:50am you are a joke,you f**king wannabe/poser. Both criminal organizations want control of drug production and transit routes from the Pacific coast into central and northern Mexico to the U.S. border. Poncho La Kiringua from Los Reyes; former FM, CT, and autodefensa. In this episode we delve into the Formation, Leadership and Operations of Cartel Del Noreste, also known as the Northeast Cartel. just south americans being south americans in south america, damn they do have a very violent nature down there do they fuck me. accident Watch this episode on YouTube:, Checkout the Merch Store: eamon4yourface 2 yr. ago. alcohol and set afire. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Interestingly, Poncho was photographed with Doc Mireles back in 2018 when Abuelo Farias group was allied with CJNG. then theres the 2 guys from sinaloa cartel who got thier heads cutt of with a chain saw. The man screamed You sign your post as Kazquillo, but on videos Kazquillo says good things about Shadow. Watch episode on YouTube:, Grab an Item: Getting burnt alive is one of the worst way of going out, 2:44 no dude remember the one in chihuahua where they had a guy hanging up from the feet and the guys cut his nuts and the skin from his face off like a pig? This is Gangs of Brazil Episode 2. A video taken by cartel members during the commission of crimes or punishment of guilty members. Recently a clip got leaked in which some people were burning the f@ce of alive man. Its probably the nastiest video I've ever seen, the agonizing screams of the victims lingered in my mind for a couple hours after watching, the 1st victim is begging for mercy the 2nd one is just there taking it grunting I dont recommend watching it. These narco bosses hide in bunkers or safe houses while those making $300 a week kill and get killed. He was thought to be one of the leaders of Carteles Unidos. Many of them see the writing on the wall and GTFO. 35-year-old woman commits suicide by throwing herself into a truck. CJNG burns rivals face alive as a way of mocking his nickname Ghost Rider. In this episode we delve into the Sinaloa Cartel's earliest major operations immediately after the organization was formed. Te puede interesar: Un sobrino de Pablo Escobar encontr 18 millones de dlares en un escondite que dejo el capo. 270p Video: Mexican soldiers arrested for torturing woman after horrific video emerged of them helping a police officer suffocating helpless detainee with plastic bag A disturbing video. The majority of these guards are not special elite sicario 007,000. They are an affiliate of the Jurez Cartel and La Lnea. The reason this dude got what he got is HE DID THIS NUMEROUS TIMES before he got caught. The feds have sent peacekeeping For more information, please see our These scum bags who are like shit killed them for nothing cus they are cowards. Sorry for your losses. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Supposedly Ghost Rider is the right hand of Sierra Santana Privacy Policy. In 2011, LosZetas cartel rampaged through Allende and adjacent towns, killing dozens, if not hundreds, of people in retaliation for members believed to be informants. If they really wanted to torture him, they would then let him live. victim was taken to a ranch near Tepalcatepec, where his face was doused with isopropyl One of them interrogates the semi-nude Mendoza, who admits he sold drugs in Valle de Santiago, where gunmen assaulted a police station on Friday, killing five prisoners and freeing another. fighting, death images, and lowered death counts have been mostly absent in the The capture and gruesome torture M2 from El Aguaje they are not in the mood the GN, Sedena, Semar, State Police helped the Viagras and Tepekes take El Aguaje. You got that from shadow right. You would think they would have bodyguards at all times. El ghost rider video : r/NarcoFootage by Careless-Compote-591 NSFW El ghost rider video I have been wanting to see the el ghost rider (the one where his face gets burned)video for a long time but I can find it nowhere. No you probably don't so shut your mouth bitch. I hope mencho eradicates them. The media doesn't really state some of the positive aspects of the cartels. Get ya facts rite, @FROZEN_EXSTANCE yes people are getting worse day by day humanity is coming to an end, No, people have always had a capacity for violence. Bro that was a lie spread by that moron of shadow. In the video, some cartel members decapitate a man and play soccer with his head in a familiar-looking, white-tiled, mostly empty room. Templarios clashing, the federal government once again is mostly ignoring the This is a deep dive into Grupo Sombra and a glimpse into what exactly this shadowy crime group is really capable of. Man remember when kids wanted to play for the Dodgers, or be the next soccer superstar?? His people were probably killed or wounded. Watch this episode on YouTube:, Checkout our MerchStore: Compilation of some photos of dead men and Video of dismembering the body of the ecuador Video cleaning up crushed corpses on the road, The young man was kidnapped and dismembered, Massacre with gun at rehab center leaves 4 dead, Beheading video- Drug gang member trying to cut off a mans head with a knife, Gore video- The man had an accident that left his face badly damaged, 2022 gore video Indian woman was beheaded by train, Gore video- They were collecting the dead body of a man who was decapitated by a train, The man who was turned into a mess of meat after the accident, Chinese woman who was dismembered was found in a suitcase, Man beaten to death with hammer in toilet, Somewhere in Africa mobs brutally executed the man, Gore video- The womans internal organs popped out from her vagina after the accident, Compilation of some photos of dead men and women in a serious accident, Brazil Mother & Daughter Executed By Hitme, The corpse of a 28-year-old woman is decomposing, She lost her face after a terrible accident, Two Brazilian women were crushed by a truck, The young man lost his brain in a road accident, Video of dismembering the body of the ecuador gang. He kinda had it coming. Un reporte de medios internacionales indic que el CJNG lo tortur y luego subi sus fotos a las redes sociales. I would wear a self explosive vest 24/7. Does anyone have a link or something. This is Narco Personalities episode 5. Yeah he isn't an innocent person he would do just as bad things as they did to him. In the video the group of people b*rn the f@ce of an alive man shoot the video posted it on reddit. Cookie Notice This is one of the very few pieces of content that explores the concept of Narco Death Kitchens. La cruel tortura del Mencho a uno de sus rivales de Crteles Unidos: le quemaron la cara con cido porque su apodo era "Ghost Rider" CJNG y CU estn en una guerra sangrienta en curso en . The people that keep mentioning "chapo's son and Ruso car bomb" are Og shadow fanboys that come in here trying to redirect attention that's all this is, Who told you shadow was a heroin addict?? Good for them, rapists murders and thieves. national press leaving Michoacana to take to social media to spread the news. In this mini-documentary we discuss the formation, operations and economics of Primeiro Comando da Capital - PCC. Did you sleep with him ? Cartel Members Gouged Out A Woman's Eyes And Stuck A Knife In 16 684 16 0. Ey puto, you're aware what he did to get it like he did right? The victim screamed in pain and begged them to kill him. CJNG and CU are in an ongoing You die fighting on the spot. Related posts: They cut his throat with a knife Burned the face Man stabbed wife to death and dismembered corpse They put a clip in the head. Makes me appreciate life more lol. Thats the nature of the business. Please Watch This Episode on the Baggage Unclaimed YouTube Channel. Nimodo,Im sure hed be more than glad to return the favor if placed in that situation. him and one other,then uploaded images of their torture Breitbart Texas Cartel Chroniclesare published in both English and in their originalSpanish. i blame my aunt and cousins in mexico 2010 i went to mexico and they put me a dvd called zetas vs golfos i thought it was a paisa movie like the ones they show on mexican channels with the revolver with 6 shots than never run my suprise it was beheadings and a collection of videos. En septiembre de 2018, el lder de una organizacin criminal conocida como United Cartel fue identificado como "Ghost Rider". When has CJNG ever torched casinos for failing to pay extortion? No, I tried digging everywhere, either it hasnt been brought to light or its a false rumor. The Allende Massacre of 2011 - Los Zetas. This dude is believed to be Sinaloa Cartel's highest ranking lethal operative. In this episode of Narco Personalities we discuss the early life, career, escapes, arrests and the eventual downfall of Joaqun Archivaldo Guzmn Loera, also known as "El Chapo" and "El Rapido". There actually is a narco with that nickname brother of amado, good point tho @9:27. Required fields are marked *. The way he went out was the way he did things to others, don't feel bad for him or anyone in this video because his acts came back to him. Official Series: Narco 1O1. This is Narco Personalities Episode 8. El abuelos crew of car thieves were all involved including his son, el pollero, guicho, ponch etc etc. Kazquillo-Youtube. Man this guys or Monsters who in there right mind would want to be in the cartel it is freaky scary, He should have chose a better career this guys or the devil point blank.Three of my friends got kidnapped in Tijuana back to back in six month then a fourth face got shot up they had to have a close casket it is best to work a legit job get a trade or degree you will have a better chance to survive. See the article even states the government did nothing, while the baby killer cartel, went on a rampage killing away. Narco Personalities (Episode 4). All rats and too broke to pay off bets after rooster fights so they steal/rob trucks/cars to pay off debts smh. bloody war in Michoacn. And this is the last place you are looking for it. This Episode is available on video Format on YouTube. You have to be prepared mentally if you are going to press play on those type of videos its very messed up but dont complain like a sissy if you decided to watch. The netizens to know more about it went on different . El video que fue difundido por el sitio el Blog del Narco, presuntamente grabado en un rancho luego de tres das de tiroteos en el cercano pueblo de El Aguaje denominado oficialmente como Bonifacio Moreno, y conocido como el Beverly Hills michoacano debido a que en dicha comunidad es el asentamiento de ostentosas casas. cjng are the terrorists of mexico. One of the most active and vicious gangs in the US - Mexico border region. Ive seen people survive such things, but without proper and prompt treatment infections develop later and that is what does them in. The latest violent clash between Narco 1O1 - La Lnea:, Narco 1O1 - Jurez Cartel:, Visit our Merch Store: This is the best idea I have ever seen to fight Mexican cartels in a safe manner. In this we discuss the formation, operations and leadership of La Lnea. In this episode I paint you a vivid picture of everything that happens. i used a chain saw in fire camp and just the thought makes me uncomftrable. The gunmen then used rubbing alcohol to set fire to his face as the victim screamed in agony and begged to be killed. Never let them take you to a second location. This help support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. You havent hear women voice long time. Hes just a son of a cop whos underneath him. Finally someone who knows why he was offed this way. After days of fighting in El then uploaded images of their torture It's funny all these comments acting tough and sorry for him. CJNG torture video - The man was poured alcohol on his head and set on fire The man was poured alcohol on his head and set on fire The gunmen used isopropyl alcohol to set fire to the man's face and mocked his nickname. This is Narco 101. Jurez Cartel's armed enforcer wing. Like for fucks sake theyre teaching children to cut, Russia again launched a missile attack on Ukrainian cities, The corpses of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Crimean Cossack raped 94-year-old grandmother, A child cuts off a mans head in the name of Allah, Corpses of Ukrainian soldiers prepared for shipment, Seven children died of exhaustion in a psycho-neurological boarding school, Failed suicide attempt on a high-voltage mast, Adolf Hitler dictator, murderer and socialist. CJNG burned heads of two men in that video. Thanks for the entertainment.. Police Arrested A Man Who Left His Dog In A Car. Home Cartel Beheading / Cartel / Execution / Murder / Pure Gore This man is believed to be chopped off by cartel. Watch episode on YouTube:, Checkout our Merch Store: The Chilling Case of Moraima Escarlet Vasquez Flores - Murder & Animal Cruelty. on social media. In these shocking shots, a living person is cut out a heart.

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